Monday, November 12, 2012

Monon Bell Phoenix Telecast Party

As a local note, Mike Rapier ’87 arranged for the Phoenix area alumni to gather, along with some of those from that other school. While we were outnumbered, we demonstrated more spirit, and stayed through to the end of the game. Many of those Dannies bailed after the third quarter. Here is the art work on the back of Mike’s son…..Some Little Giant.
You may remember Jon Nicosia ’61 Phi Psi. His son, Christopher Nicosia ’94 and I talked a great deal while watching the game. He is an Executive Chef at an upscale Italian restaurant in Scottsdale. He remembers his dad bringing him, at a young age, to a Wabash Bell game. There was nowhere else he wanted to go after that visit. The game and conversation made for a wonderful Saturday afternoon. I must say, that the weather and temps were warmer in C’ville than here in Phoenix during the game. But all that changes quickly.

The Monon Bell Game - 50 Years Can Make A Difference

While we of ’62 did not see a Monon Bell victory, these young men of 2013 have four to remember. For the first time in 33 years a group of Wabash seniors have run the table against DePauw. The Little Giants pummeled DePauw’s Tigers on the ground for a 23-0 win in the 119th Monon Bell Classic. Wabash’s senior class becomes the tenth group to go 4-0 in Bell games. The Class of 2013 may have a record of domination unsurpassed at 147-26 scoring differential, including two shutouts in the four -game run. Wabash simply overpowered the visiting Tigers on one of the warmest and nicest days in recent Bell game history. The Little Giants rushed for an incredible 275 yards behind Tyler Holmes’ 169-yard effort to DePauw’s mere 35. Wabash notched its third shutout of the year. “Obviously, our defense played fantastic again,” Coach Erik Raeburn said. “We did a good job on offense running the ball and not turning it over. I’m certainly disappointed with all the penalties in the first half; that really killed some drives.
“To be able to graduate from Wabash without a loss in the Bell game is really special. I know all the guys on the team and all the coaches wanted to make sure our seniors ended their careers at Wabash the right way. And we want to thank them for all they’ve done to help build our program.” It was a game of mistakes for Wabash with eight first-quarter penalties and six more in the second quarter. The Little Giants ended with a season-high 18 flags for 133 yards. DePauw’s defense was stout at times but worn down with a nearly 2-1 time of possession differential, 39:46-20:14. Heroes are always plentiful in the Bell battle but Saturday’s leading man was clearly Tyler Holmes. The 225-pound junior running back compiled 169 yards on 30 carries and earned Wabash’s first 1,000-yard rushing season since 2003. The Tigers closed at 2-8. Wabash ended 8-2. The Wabash seniors were disappointed not to be continuing to the playoffs but embraced four years of Bell perfection. Wabash leads at 57-53-9 overall against DePauw and 38-37-6 in Monon Bell game.