Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Greetings to 2013

We begin the New Year with new resolutions or goals.  Let us make one goal to maintain contact with both Wabash and with each other.  As Terry Fewell mentioned in his December letter, I have assumed the reins of Class Agent for we Gentlemen of '62.  As others have noted, this task of Class Agent is one maintaining connections.

During the final days of 2012, my wife and I spent with her aunt and uncle at their winter condo in Snowmass Village, CO.  The aunt is gripped by the tentacles of dementia.  While the happenings of years ago are clear, events of the last hour are lost.  She knows us and our standard poodle so we all made that journey for a week long visit.  It was great to engage her in conversation, and some board games she still enjoys.  There was also pain as we would need to repeat many times over, simple comments, rules of the game we were playing, and where we would be eating that day.  The experience certainly cemented that need to live each day fully, and express kindness to those we love.

While there, I exchanged Emails with Dale Lentz, who summers in the area.  I see why Dale loves the area.  Also tried to contact Kiefer Mendenhall who also lives in Aspen.

Keep checking this blog for updates on Class of '62 activities.  You may also find us on Facebook - Gentlemen of 62.  There you can quickly share thoughts and photos. Our address: www.facebook.com/GentlemenOf62.

Wabash Always Fights!   - Thom

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